W Zettl Dressage In Harmony Book

W Zettl Dressage In Harmony Book

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by Walter Zettl

This is the definitive book on dressage training. The detailed, informative book brings Walter Zettl's revolutionary philosophy … that the horse's happiness and comfort should be the top priority …to the forefront.

Dressage in Harmony features an easy-to-follow, logical chapter progression and a forward from dressage legend Egon von Neindorff. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dressage rider, you're guaranteed to learn from this legendary book.

"I attempt to educate riders to make their horses happy, confident and proud to work for them. Force and battling have no place in my training method. I speak with absolute certainty on this point because I have witnessed its success for 50 years and have sadly watched the effects of rough, insensitive and impatient methods on these patient animals. I believe in dressage as art, and I have practiced that art through my professional life.… Walter Zettl

Dressage in Harmony, 246 pages, hardback with illustrations.