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The Scale of Training Part I


Two of the top minds in the horsemanship industry have collaborated to share the secrets of the Training Scale with you and your horse. By bridging the gap between dressage and natural horsemanship, Christoph Hess and Linda Parelli are ensuring a better future for both. The Scale of Training Box Set features Parts I and II of The Scale of Training: Training a Happy, Healthy Dressage Horse. Both DVDs feature Christoph Hess and Linda Parelli collaborating and sharing techniques, strategies, and valuable lessons that set you on the path to top-level dressage while maintaining – even improving – your relationship with your horse. Part I features Christoph and Linda leading a group of riders through the first three elements of the Training Scale: Rhythm, Relaxation and Contact. These elements are essential in building a solid foundation, and as Christoph coaches the riders, Linda offers valuable natural tips and techniques that can be applied to dressage at any level. Part II picks up where Part 1 left off, with Christoph and Linda schooling riders through the pinnacle elements of the Scale: Impulsion, Straightness and Collection. Christoph teaches the riders how to improve accuracy, posture and balance, while Linda educates them on ways to utilize knowledge of horse behavior and psychology. Together, these insights lead to more harmonious, effective, rewarding relationships with our horses. Both Parts I and II of The Scale of Training feature fascinating educational insights that extend far beyond the dressage arena. By purchasing the Scale of Training Box Set, not only are you saving money, but you’re setting you and your equine athlete up for years of success.




  • Runtimes:
  • Part 1 – 4 hrs, 30 min
  • Part II – 4 hrs, 30 min
  • Multi-Language Captions: English and German






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