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The Scale of Training In Action


Acclaimed FEI dressage judge and German FN trainer Christoph Hess has once again joined forces with Linda Parelli to illustrate how practical exercises based on the classical Training Scale and natural horsemanship theory can combine to develop happy, healthy horses. Over the course of eight lessons, Christoph guides four students – Parelli Professional Liz Jones, eventer Tik Maynard, Linda Parelli, and dressage rider Mette Larsen – through a series of exercises that show just how effectively the classical Training Scale applies to horses and riders from various disciplines and aptitude levels. The classical Training Scale truly is universal!





  • Lessons with:
  • Tik Maynard
  • Linda Parelli
  • Mette Larsen
  • Runtime: 6 hours, 7 minutes






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