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Savvy Mastery Series - OnLine: A Mental Connection w/ Silke


Renowned 4-Star Parelli Instructor Silke Vallentin is known for her breathtaking displays of the On Line Savvy on the ground with her horses, which take On Line to a level of mastery that few have ever achieved. On this expansive DVD set, Silke lets you in on the secrets that will help you develop your On Line skills beyond Parelli Level 4! Silke frames these lessons with her Four Qualities of an Exercise – a set of guidelines that influences everything she does with her horses. Over the course of this four disc set, Silke is joined by three students for hands-on teaching sessions: Parelli Professionals Liz Jones, Shawn Coleman, and Fawn Anderson. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and patience, setting these students and their horses up for everything they’ll encounter in Level 4 and beyond. This immersive product includes student lessons, breakaway sessions, and a 14-page accompanying pocket guide (English version). From refining your cues and fine-tuning your body language to managing your energy and improving your horse’s biomechanics, you’ll learn all that and more with Savvy Mastery: On Line with Silke Vallentin!




  • Part 1: Preparation for Driving
  • Part 2: Harness, Hitch, and Drive
  • Part 3: Training the Driving Horse
  • Total of six discs in the Complete Set
  • Each DVD set includes two discs

  • Runtimes:
  • 5 hours, 18 minutes
  • MULTI-LANGUAGE available with English and German audio track






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