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Savvy Mastery Series - Liberty Outside the Round Pen


Your Liberty works great in the round pen, but as soon as you go to a larger area, does your horse leave you? In this DVD set, 5-Star Parelli Instructor, David Lichman, gives step-by-step instructions to students at the Parelli campus who are struggling with lack of connection and enthusiasm in their horses. After just two short sessions with David, these students are able to play at Liberty in an open pasture with no fences – with exuberance! Liberty Outside the Round Pen helps form a partnership where your horse never wants to run off, no matter where you are playing. It’s simply brilliant, and absolutely masterful. David’s Boomerang™ and Game of Two Eyes™ exercises create, often in an hour or two, a horse that accelerates off the circle in draw, with engaged hindquarters and a mindset that is always focused on finding comfort with his human partner.




  • Create A Deep Connection That Resists Distractions
  • Balancing Drive and Draw
  • Using a Behavioral Chain to Create Enthusiasm
  • Figure of Eight
  • Using Voice Cues
  • Food Rewards and Horsenalities
  • Positive and Negative Reinforcement
  • Runtime: 5 hours
  • Music by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Mary Ann Kennedy – featuring the debut release of her newest song: ‘Liberty.’






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