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Savvy - Free Style


In the saddle, relaxation and control with loose reins, and bridleless in Level 4. Includes six DVDs with Level-by-Level lessons with Pat, plus student lessons, 40-page Savvy Manual, 23-page Student Booklet, patterns maps, and pocket guides.




  • Level 2 - Saddling, Cinching, Bridling, Mounting, Turning, Braking, and Riding Patterns.
  • Level 3 - Transistion ans Diagonals, Patterns, Sideways and Riding Outside the Arena.
  • Level 4 - Rein Responsibilties, Rollbacks, Lead Changes, Bareback, and Much Much More!
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    Savvy Series - Online: Levels 1-4

    Savvy Series - Liberty: Levels 2-4

    Savvy Series - Finesse: Levels 3-4