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Pat's Natural Hackamore - Alternate Colors

These are our alternate colors, for more options click HERE.

In 1982, in Pat's first clinics, he was bound and determined to get people to learn to quit pulling on both reins at once, so he had everybody ride with the rope halter and just a lead rope. His students were astounded at the progress they made riding this way. It broke most of their bad habits that they didn't even know they had. As a teacher, Pat's theory has always been to isolate, separate, and combine. After riding two sessions with one rein, he had them tie the lead rope to the halter to make a loop rein and try the same exercises with their newly formed habits, so they could then go back to riding with two reins.

Pat, knowing that he was trying to help his students become a Complete Horseman, whether they were Trail Riders, or rode English or Western, he knew that an interim tool between riding with just a halter and graduating to the Parelli Horseman's Snaffle Bridle was needed. Soon was born the Natural Hackamore which is made from two simple ingredients; the Parelli Rope Halter that is

specially adapted to fit the Horseman's Reins, and our 22-foot Horseman's Reins made from yachting braid, so that you have a 12- foot lead and a 9-foot loop rein.

Many students ask if it's necessary to graduate to a snaffle bit, and the answer is: only if you want to complete the full program. If your goal is to ride your horse on trail rides and to use your horse for leisure riding, most people are happy to stay at this stage. Pat usually rides his young horses up to 100 hours before graduating to a bosal or the Parelli Horseman's Snaffle Bridle, depending on the horse's level of sensitivity or tendencies to push on pressure.

Note: Remember Pat has designed a program to help you become the Complete Horseman that your Horse needs You to be. The complete program is designed to take you through 4 Levels on the ground and in the saddle, and all of the Parelli tools are designed for your success so you can be Safe, Ethical, Effective, and have a rewarding relationship with your horse.

Sizes: Pat Parelli says, One size fits all, unless your horse is too big or too small, and that our Regular Hackamore fits 90% of all the horses he's ever seen.

If your horse is in the other 10%, we do have these other options for you: Warmblood, Arabian, Draft, Pony size

Sizing Guide

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