Natural West Bridle Complete

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Not too thick or too thin, the snaffle bit at the center of this bridle is a versatile communication tool thanks to design, which allows the rings to swing without pinching. The 22-Foot Horseman's Reins (mecate reins) are the do-it-all tool. You can ride with the 8-foot loop reins they form, or get down on the ground with the lead. Specially weighted Rein Leathers act as the hinge between the bit and your hands and allow for soft and subtle communication as your skills progress.

Parelli Snaffle Bridles are easy to adjust and resistant to sweat, with beautiful brass fittings (no screws). The Natural West Bridle is made of two-tone harness leather with latigo overlay and comes with a 5 1/4" sweet iron bit.

Rein options:
White with Brown or Black Popper
Black with Black Popper