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Level 4

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Learn the fundamentals of performance in Level 4 of the Parelli Program, and bring your horsemanship full circle. In this Level, Pat will introduce you to the last of the Four Savvys - Finesse (riding with contact, precision and collection) and teach you how to prepare your horse mentally and emotionally for using all Four Savvys for the highest levels of performance in dressage, reining, cutting, endurance and more.




  • Understand how a strong foundation can take you to the highest levels of performance without sacrificing the relationship with your horse.
  • See how On Line, FreeStyle, and Liberty can build a horse's athleticism and exuberance -- and teach you the psychology of horse performance.
  • Introduce Finesse -- the fourth Savvy -- and learn how to develop contact and collection, naturally.e
  • Runtime: 4 Disks, 419 minutes
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    Runtime: 4 Disks, 419 minutes