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Leads and Lead Changes

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Prerequisites For Performance with Pat Parelli The lead change is an integral component of performance, regardless of discipline, but the necessary skills and techniques need to be developed long before you enter the performance arena. With this educational DVD, Pat Parelli guides you through the essential building blocks of reliable, fluid, simple and flying lead changes. As part of Parelli’s Four Savvys Support Series, this DVD offers an in-depth look at an important but often misunderstood skill, from concept to execution and all the way to excellence.




  • Lessons with Pat
  • Preparation on the Ground
  • Preparation in the Saddle
  • Understanding Leads and Simple Lead Changes
  • Understanding Flying Lead Changes
  • Student Lessons
  • Prerequisites for the Rider
  • Prerequisites for the Horse
  • Lesson 1: Leads and Simple Lead Changes
  • Lesson 2: Flying Lead Changes
  • Runtime: 2 hours, 12 minutes






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