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HorseManShip is the definitive theory guide for the Parelli Program. At over 90 pages, this comprehensive book features in-depth explanations of horse behavior and psychology, the habits of a horseman, and what it takes for a horse and human to truly become partners. Capped off with a handsome hard cover, spectacular photography, an accompanying DVD, enlightening anecdotes from Pat and Linda Parelli and much more, Horsemanship is the ultimate resource for a horseman obsessed with learning!




  • HORSEmanship:
  • Prey vs. Predator
  • Herd Instinct
  • What Horses Value
  • Reading Horses’ Body Language
  • Opposition Reflex
  • Horsenality
  • A Horse’s Distribution of Weight
  • HorseMANship:
  • The Seven Keys to Success
  • Aggressive vs. Assertive and Comfort vs. Discomfort
  • Feel and Phases
  • Approach and Retreat
  • A Story from Linda Parelli
  • Lateral Thinking vs. Direct Line
  • Reverse Psychology
  • A Story from Pat Parelli HorsemanSHIP:
  • The Ten Qualities of a Horseman
  • Pat Parelli’s Eight Principles of Horsemanship
  • The Eight Responsibilities of a Partnership
  • What Is Parelli All About? History of the Parelli Program
  • The Structure of the Parelli Program
  • The Tools of a Horseman The Seven Games
  • Zoneology
  • Parelli Reference Guide
  • Parelli Professionals Runtime: 37 minutes
  • 90-page book
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