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Finesse Training Sequence

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Linda Parelli has developed a revolutionary 10-part training sequence with which to guide students through the fourth Parelli Savvy, Finesse. This 2-DVD set features Linda teaching students as they implement each component of the formula, step-by-step. If you’ve ever found yourself unsure about your progress as you play in Finesse – or you’re simply interested in learning what Finesse is all about – you’ll find this DVD to be the perfect road map for you and your horse.




  • The Finesse Training Sequence
  • 1. Freely Forward
  • 2. Downward Transitions Without Using Reins
  • 3. Ride the Line
  • 4. Supple Rein
  • 5. Carving Turns
  • 6. Leg Yield on the Circle
  • 7. Contact
  • 8. Random Patterns
  • 9. Lateral Movements
  • 10. Collecting Exercises
  • Lesson 1: Watch a nervous horse go through steps 1-6
  • Lesson 2: Watch a confident rider with a resistant horse
  • Lesson 3: Watch a novice horse and rider
  • Runtime: 3 hours, 9 minutes






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