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Cradle Bit C2

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Cradle Bit C2. For riding on Casula(Freestyle) or Concentrated Rein(Finesse).




  • For best results, complete a Horsenality Preview to determine the best Cradle to use for your horse.
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    If you are studying Level 2 and no longer have daily control issues, you are ready to go to the Cradle so you can begin working on more precision.

    If your Right Brain Extrovert is more centered and more advanced, the C2 Cradle will be the best. If offers a combination of tongue release and tongue contact.

    The Right Brain Introvert fits in the C2 category as well because of their hesitant nature. The tongue release gives them some invitation to come forward and yet still give them some support and emotional comfort.

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    Cradle Headstall

    Finesse Reins