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Complete Cradle Bridle with C3 Bit

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The Parelli Cradle Bridle disperses pressure over five major points: tongue, bars, nose, chin and poll, which leads to a less defensive horse and more relaxed and open communication. The bridle is the appropriate choice for when you are ready for contact and precision (Level 2 – 3). Medium sized bridle comes complete with a C3 Bit and 9-Foot black Finesse Reins.



  • Complete with C3 bit and 9 ft. Black Finesse Reins.
  • String to hold the noseband in position, so as not to damage delicate nose bands by having a noseband that is too low.
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    The more points that are activated on the horse’s head and mouth area, the less pressure it puts on every point. Most bits exert pressure in only one to two places and usually only in the mouth such as the tongue and the bars.

    The Cradle dispersespressure over five major points: tongue, bars, nose, chin and poll so horses become less defensive, more relaxed and more open to communication because the communication is felt in a more positive way. We have found that every horse we trialed, from the lowest to the highest level, performed better in the Cradle than in the bits they were used to

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