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Bridleless Riding


Bridleless riding is one of the clearest illustrations of the connection between a horse and rider – not to mention simply being a truly beautiful example of horsemanship. But as you can imagine, there’s far more to it than removing the bridle and riding off into the sunset. It takes dedication, a solid plan, and an understanding of horse psychology. The hows and the whys of bridleless riding are just as important as the whats! With Bridleless Riding, Pat Parelli will take you through the four key components of bridleless riding: the philosophy, the concept, the theory, and finally, the technique. Over the course of this DVD, Pat guides a student, Joseph, through a series of exercises and patterns that prepare both Joseph and his horse for consistent, safe bridleless riding moving forward. Interspersed within this lesson are short breakaway sessions, during which Pat elaborates on the key components listed above. Along with teaching you the finer points of bridleless riding, this DVD will put you squarely in the mind of the horse. You will learn why relief and release are essential, how to get your horse to synchronize with you in the saddle, and why bridleless riding is much more than an end goal: it prepares both you and your horse for performance in any discipline!




  • Runtime: 49 minutes






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