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Foundation Bosal

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Braided rawhide nose-piece and 1/2-in. leather Hanger.



  • Comes with a leather headstall known as a Hanger
  • Nose-piece has a 1/2-inch circumference
  • Bosal hanger leather measures 1/2-inch
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    The word bosal is often times misconstrued with the word hackamore. Bosal means nosepiece. Hackamore means complete set of headstall, nose piece, reins, and sometimes even a Fiedor. (Fiedor is a special series of knots that attach the heel knot of the bosal to the horse's neck so that the bosal does not slip off of the horse's nose when being led).

    Pat's suggestion is to start off with the Natural Hackamore made of soft rope and then transition from there to the Foundation Bosal, or, if your horse has a strong tendency to push on pressure, we recommend you go straight to the Parelli Snaffle Bridle. Our Foundation Bosal is not only functional but is economical. Depending on the artist or manufacturer of bosals, Pat has several that he uses for competitions and high level hackamore training that range in price from $300 to $3,000 a piece.

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    We recommend the 22-foot Horseman Reins to use with it, sold separately.