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6-foot Savvy String


The Parelli 6-Foot Savvy String is the “string of a thousand uses”! It is most popularly used to attach to the end of the Carrot Stick to help you get respect from your horse on the ground. In addition, it can aid in building your horse's confidence or used around your horse's neck to aid you in your journey to bridle-less riding.




  • 6-Foot long, smooth ¼ inch yachting braid, looped end for easy attachment, latigo popper.
  • Popper helps it become straight when swung. Great tool for ground skills, especially when combined with a Carrot Stick.
  • Combined total of 10’ when added to a Carrot Stick.
  • Can be used for a neck rope when riding.
  • Special Note: Red, Blue, Green and Black Savvy Strings are given as official awards for official graduates of Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. They are also available for purchase by official graduates only.
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    “Tom Dorrance inspired me when he said, “If I can’t get it done with just this (piece of baling twine!), I’m not interested. I don’t go anywhere without at least two Savvy Strings in my pocket.” Pat Parelli

    If the string is too thick it’s hard to swing, if it’s too thin it has too much sting. The Savvy String is a good middle of the road string at ¼ inch.

    Other uses include: put it around your horse’s neck; use it instead of a bit (a Cherokee bridle!); lead with it; tie your doggie; make an emergency belt… you name it! Pat says that you should always have a pocketknife and a Savvy String on your person when you are around horses.

    Pat Parelli, because of his martial arts background, came up with the concept of awarding people specific color strings for their achievement in his Horse-man-ship Levels program. Everyone in the Parelli Program starts off with a white string, and as you achieve a level you are awarded a special colored string. Red for Level 1, Blue for Level 2, Green for Level 3 and Black for Level 4.

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