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How have Pat and Linda changed people’s lives with horses?  By being accessible anywhere, anytime on DVD and through your electronic and mobile devices!  

All over the world, people like you become passionate about learning to be great with horses, and not just for safety and more enjoyment, for the horse’s sake and quality of life too.  But only a relative few can get with Pat or Linda in person.  As demand grew for their knowledge and teaching excellence, we knew we had to find a way to be more accessible pretty much no matter where you are or what you can afford.

Over the past 25 years, the volume of educational DVDs and materials produced for you is incredible.  If you were to buy it all it would cost you well over $6,000 – we did the math!  And then you’d have to organize it, prioritize it and practice it.  Our home study program is the best in the world and is now accessible to you in a world class format – all organized, searchable and with a clear dashboard and guidelines to maximize your progress.

The Parelli Savvy Club offers a topic-by-topic, lesson-by-lesson Pathway to the Parelli Levels Program for you to follow with every horse in your life. In addition this powerful tool, you’ll have support of our Learning Library, with over 20 years of our Educational Materials archived as well as a worldwide community of support, with your own Profile, Groups and Forums to discuss your progress with likeminded, horse-lovers just like you!



Enjoy connecting with the Parelli community! Having friends that enjoy the same things you do and share in the challenges and triumphs of your horsemanship journey is invaluable. Whether those friends live right next door or half way around the globe, you can meet anytime in the Savvy Club. Connect with those around you, build your community, and enjoy the love of horses together.



Understanding horse behavior and knowing how to apply that knowledge to your horsemanship is essential to having a good relationship with your horse. Students that understand the 'why' will always outdo those that only know the 'how' when it comes to horses. The Savvy Club has thousands of resources created over three and a half decades to help you become the best horseman you can be.



It's important to celebrate milestones in your horsemanship. This gives you a sense of accomplishment and adds purpose to your playtime. The Savvy Club will help you set and achieve your goals with your horse.

Stay on track! For the first time ever we've incorporated the Parelli Levels Program into the membership in an efficient and easy to digest format. Check off individual lessons as you progress through the program, so that you know exactly where you're at and where you're going.