The Four Savvys

This is it: the culmination of 30 years of Parelli education. Everything you need to become a stronger rider, a better communicator, a rock star at the barn, a horseman – it’s all here in the Four Savvys.

By dividing the Parelli Program into four distinct areas (On Line, Liberty, FreeStyle & Finesse), Pat Parelli has opened the door for you to make your horsemanship education truly unique. This program has transformed hundreds of thousands of horse lovers just like you into exceptionally talented, thoughtful, well-rounded horsemen and women.

The Four Savvys Complete Pack is the definitive Parelli education collection. Whether you are a lifelong Parelli student or you wouldn’t know Pat Parelli if he walked up to you and shook your hand, the Four Savvys will transform you into a truly spectacular horseman.

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