Pat Parelli was inspired by Tom Dorrance’s advice that horses need to be able to drift and teeter. During ground work, your horse needs to be able to move out a bit and have enough room to turn and face you, get control and then come back. For this reason, you should choose rope that moves through your hands smoothly to avoid jerking your horse.

Parelli rope is smooth, slightly forgiving and will flow through your hands as your horse needs additional space. Rather than drag your horse from point A to point B, our ropes are designed to allow for drift and teeter by both the nature of what they are made of, as well as the length.

Our 9’ lead rope is for simple leading and tying, while our 12’ and 22’ lines allow room for movement during games and ground training. The 45’ line will create a distance between you and your horse that can make them feel free and relaxed while learning to act like partners instead of a prey animal that has been caught. Our light-weight Carrot Stick with non-flex design has an attachment for a 6’ Savvy String and acts as an extension of your arm both in the saddle and on the ground, providing you with a longer reach for closer communication.